Bird watching sites in Mie

Our area, Mie, is in the center of Japan, and expands about 180 km from north to south. Northern mountains have much snow in winter, and are in cool climate zone having deciduous forest. In contrast, Southern mountains have much rain fall and are covered with evergreen forest. Various species of mountain birds are observed in these mountains. Low altitude of north and middle Mie is a mixture of paddy field, hill and populated area. Various kinds of passerines, egrets, woodpeckers, doves and ducks live in this area. The shore line facing to Ise Bay has some natural sandy beach, estuaries, and tidal flat. Various waders visit and stay there. Gulls and terns also visit. Shore line in the south faced to the Pacific Ocean., and is rather rocky. Ospreys and Peregrines are found in this shore line. Here we list up bird watching zones in Mie.


Kisozaki Reclaimed Land Ryogaike Reservoirs Hokusei-chuo Park Suzuka Mountains (under construction)
Kaizo River Takamatsu Beach Estuary of Suzuka-hagawa  
Kenmin-no-mori Natural Park Machiya Beach Ueno Forest Park Ano River Estuary
Ano Dam Reservoir Yokoyamaike Reservoirs Gonushi Beach Aoyama Highland
Kongo River Estuary Matsuzaka Forest Park Chitose no Mori Park Miya River Estuary
Isuzu Park Minami-matayama Forest Park Shihara River Kumano River


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